Emu: ServUO
Name: UO White Wolf
Uptime: 13 hours
Players Online: 3
Total Items: 552556
Mobs: 54051
UO White Wolf is an Ultima Online Community Server. Our main rulesets are PvM. There is no skillcap. The total statcap is 45à. 2 accounts per IP. 2 houses per account. We regularly add ingame content to improve our PvE gaming experience. We host regular events and have a lot of custom content, including : EVO Pets, EVO Armors, EVO Weapons, Advanced Taming (levels and breeding), Squires and much more.
Step 1) Download and Install the UO Client Step 2) Download, Install, and Launch UO Razor
Step 3) Enter and port:25565 Step 4) Enter the login name and password of your choice and enter the game!